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communication optics

Wafers are the most commonly used semiconductor materials, divided into specifications such as 4 inches, 5 inches, 6 inches, and 8 inches in diameter. Recently, 12 inches or even larger specifications have been developed. The larger the wafer, the more ICs can be produced on the same wafer, which can reduce costs; But the requirements for material technology and production technology are higher. It is generally believed that the larger the diameter of a silicon wafer, the better the technology of the wafer factory. In the process of producing wafers, yield is a very important condition.

Wedge prisms are the ideal Micro Wedge choice for beam steering applications. Our wedge-shaped prism deflects the incident beam perpendicular to the surface of the prism. For your convenience, we offer uncoated and three types of wedge shaped prisms coated with different standard broadband antireflective coatings.

A high-precision right angle prism can deflect the optical path by 90 ° or 180 °, and the angle of deflection depends on which side of the prism RIGHT-ANGLE-PRISM uses as the incident surface. The size of the prism can be processed according to the needs. The slope or two right angles of a right angle prism can be coated with one of the following three standard broadband antireflection films (A: 350-700 nanometers, B: 650-1050 nanometers, C: 1050-1620 nanometers), which can effectively reduce surface loss.

We can customize the size and coating band according to customer needs.

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