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Product business

Mainly engaged in optical precision deep processing, specializing in the production and processing of various high-precision glass crystals, optical components, various complex lenses, and optical component replication.

The main products and businesses include: Powell prism, aspheric lens, aspheric reflector, cylindrical mirror, toroidal mirror (bracelet or tire surface), metal reflector, marking laser, laser marking prism, cylindrical mirror, planar lens, prism, spherical lens, small aperture spherical mirror, microlens, magnesium fluoride single crystal window and sapphire, calcium fluoride lens processing, etc., especially in various substrate materials such as cylindrical mirror, aspherical mirror High precision optical wedges and other products have become leaders in the industry, using various visible, infrared, laser optical materials and crystal materials.

application area

Widely used in the fields of optics, lasers, and biological detection, optoelectronic instruments, medical instruments, financial instruments, teaching instruments, semiconductors, optical communication, military industry, scientific research institutions, and public security enterprises and institutions.

The products are exported to the United States, Japan, and Europe. Our company has a technical team that has been engaged in this industry for over ten years, so we have rich experience in production and quality control.

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